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     MCPAA maintains a separate discretionary benevolence fund to benefit our members who are in need of assistance. Donations to this fund are always welcome but, unfortunately, are not tax deductible. All payments from the fund are reviewed by and voted upon by the Board of Directors. All payments are kept confidential. If you know of a member needing assistance, please contact a member of our Board of Directors.

The Montgomery County Police Alumni Association, Inc. “Discretionary Fund” Policy and Procedure

1. Purpose

     The purpose of this Policy is to establish a Discretionary Fund within the Montgomery County Police Alumni Association (MCPAA). This Fund is intended to provide emergency assistance to individual MCPAA members as well as other individuals and groups when such assistance furthers the purposes of the MCPAA or a law enforcement interest. The Fund shall be administered by the MCPAA Board of Directors pursuant to the requirements established herein.

2. Source of Funds
     a. Memorial contributions.

     b. Fundraisers designated specifically for the fund.

     c. Donations made to the MCPAA and designated specifically for  this fund.

     d. Transfers to the Fund from the MCPAA general operating fund.

3. Distribution of Funds
     a. Proceeds from the Discretionary Fund shall be used to help meet emergency or exigent short-term, financial needs of members and their immediate families. Money may also be distributed from the Fund to assist individuals with chronic medical conditions or disability (ies) including payments to those providing watch-care of people with physical or mental disabilities, however, the Fund is not intended to be used to subsidize basic, ongoing living expenses. Proceeds from the fund may also be used in exceptional circumstances to aid the emergency needs of any current or past member (sworn or non-sworn) of a law enforcement agency who are eligible to apply for Regular or Associate MCPAA membership as provided in the By-Laws of the MCPAA.

     b. Requests for assistance shall be in writing and shall include the following information: 

     i. Name, address, telephone number of the person making the request and his/her relationship to the MCPA;.
     ii. The date the request was prepared;
     iii. The name of the intended recipient (if different from the requesting party) and his/her relationship to the MCPAA;
     iv. A statement clearing describing the facts and circumstances forning the basis for the request; and
     v. The amount of assistance sought.

     c. All requests for assistance shall be signed by the persons seeking assistance and shall be delivered to the Board of Directors.

     d. The Board of Directors shall give due consideration to each request considering the following factors:
     i. Adequacy of the written in request in terms of providing sufficient information to enable the Board of Directors to make an informed judgment whether or not to provide the funds requested. In the event the written request contains insufficient facts and information upon which to render a decision, the Board of Directors may either reject the request or seek additional information from the requesting party in order to reconsider the matter;
     ii. The accuracy and truth of all facts asserted in the request;
     iii. Whether the individual for whom the assistance is a member in good standing of the MCPAA;
     iv. Totality of the circumstances upon which the request is based;
     v. The extent to which the request is consistent with the stated purposes and goals of the MCPAA;
     vi. Whether or not the requesting party has made previous requests for assistance and the outcome of such previous requests;
     vii. Availability of resources in the Discretionary Fund with which to fund the request; and
     viii. In the event of an ambiguity or relevant question by a member of the Board of Directors, efforts shall be made to inquire of the requesting party in order to resolve such ambiguities or questions. The degree of responsiveness of the requesting party shall also be considered in reaching a final decision regarding the disposition of the request.

     e. A decision to either fund or reject a request for assistance from the Discretionary Fund shall be made by a two thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Board of Directors at the next scheduled meeting of that body or at a specially called meeting of the Board of Directors. All decisions of the Board of Directors with respect to any request for assistance from the Discretionary Fund shall be made exercising sound discretion and shall be final.

     f. Upon approval of a request by the Board of Directors the Treasurer will issue a check to the person receiving the assistance or as otherwise directed by the Board of Directors.